Rev. Areeya Marie Sharpe currently works as a Fabrication Laborer, Artist and Private Chef in the Las Vegas Art District and several other locales. Blessed to create large themed art for multiple venues. Greatful to create or have served daily as an operations manager in a local organic skincare retail/wholesale business, professional incenser, kitchen management, catering and private chef services, multi-cultural ceremony, women’s and community group facilitation among many other adventures. Inspired and dedicated to the creative process of the human species and its infinite recipes of connection and sustainability as we work, play and pray in these lives, infinite gratitude and deep love for 21yrs of education, nourishment and encouragement provided in Las Vegas community art projects, woman’s circles, sangha and group ceremony.  Living, honoring and perpetuating the “arts of sanctuary”, “that space that place of all love and grace”… Thankful for every day, in every way this vehicle is gifted opportunities to share LunaSol Salutations in the Mojave desert, Western Mass, Cascadia and many locales around world. 1001 Thank you’s beloved teachers, guides, friends, family and the divine spark that guides this soul, for the best good, in this life,throughout all lives. May all beings know peace and be free from suffering and the causes of suffering.

Residing in the desert for the past couple of decades, Areeya lives and works between Nevada, Western Mass, Oregon, Canada and Costa Rica. A devotee of Sekhmet, she enjoys studying and visiting this Egyptian goddess’ sacred sites, established and yet to be established, around the world. And to guide folks on visits to the Goddess Temple of Spirituality Dedicated to Sekhmet, in Cactus Springs, NV. throughout the spring, autumn and winter months. You can find her most often singing, dancing, cooking, smoothing and beautifying the Shui of her surroundings, logistically and mystically or making art!

Pssst… next desert experience on deck we are planning, you ask?

We are excited for Earthsong 2018, Community Elders Council Celebration, a sacred expressive arts gathering focused in honoring the earth and her precious water… This is the 5th consecutive year for this Earth day gathering and it has blossomed into a longer event, Yay! Save the dates: April 21st-22cnd 2018, Cactus Springs, NV. Founded upon community elder offerings, honoring the earth and sharing sustainable mindful practices that promote healthy harmonious living with this land, her water and all our relations, in the Mojave desert and its surrounding locales. A camping retreat in the nature of the Mojave desert, to provide a space where we have opportunities to deepen our understanding and value of community village building, co-creating and living in this desert bio-region. These types of shared experience have been known to offer, both subtle and profound, personal growth and transformation that reflects in positive and inspiring ways. Those camping will be onsite for 3 days/nights, co-creating our activities. The eves will be immersed in song, dance, drum, artistic expression and ceremony. Keeping in flow with the many teachings from our elders, and this good earth, at the daily workshop.  * Special note:The afternoon workshop and ceremony for earth day, on Sunday the April 22cnd, is the only Earthsong event specifically open to the public. A link to more info coming soon.