Creation and Breath


*Operations and Project management: management of daily operations/special projects for festivals, small businesses(retail /wholesale), private organizations and domestic households(15yrs)

*Sacred Arts/Building Projects:(public/private) Individual, Business, and community; Altar Creation, Temple/Church/Sanctuary Building, Ambiance and Maintenance, Sacred Ceremony Development(18yrs)

*Art Meditation and Paint Workshops: An immersion in the use of light and color for self regulation, connection and positive expansion of the body, speech and mind relationship. Individual creation of a piece of expressive art utilizing a variety of themed colors pertaining to the subject matter(Chakras, Elemental, Form/Structure,Goddess/God, etc) and gifts of natural material to create an artistic focal piece for positive motivation, affirmation, thinking and support of physical, emotional, psychological and spiritual living. This painting workshop is especially helpful in promoting peer communication and tolerance, as well as, enhancing ones discernment skills through art co-creation and appreciation. This has been very effective with schools(for teachers and students alike), Goddess studies, Art Festivals, Child Arts and Craft events.(12yrs)

*Sacred Scent Creation: Workshop focused on the basics of intention, empowerment, creation and production of natural fine incense. We honor this vast art that provides wondrous olfactory journeys to help nourish our environment, support and enhance positive thinking. and provides a shift in vibration/thinking/emotion… as needed for the best good. Supplies provided for practical creation of 3 incense cones and .25oz loose incense mix.(9yrs)

Thank you for sharing this page’s passages with me. It is developing into a resource of services experienced, that have been known to improve and promote healthy mind and its compassionate inspirations, logistical and mystical, for the peace, enlightenment and well being of all mother sentient beings…

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