Earthsong 2019

Earthsong, what is it? Here is a refresher, I will be posting monthly on the events here in the mojave desert and abroad, again, after a year being static, phew! Earthsong: a song birthed at Selva Armonia, Uvita, Costa Rica, in prayer with biriba fruit seeds destined to be participant tokens in a sweet experience … Continue reading Earthsong 2019

Earthsong Mojave 2018

Earthsong was born from the idea that how we gather is a part of the earth's complete language, its song... Giving thanks with deep and potent intent for the best good, enriching and evolving our communication and interaction with nature.  It has grown from a ceremony to an event in 5yrs.  In gratitude for this … Continue reading Earthsong Mojave 2018

You Choose How to Respond…What is being Responsible?

photo by areeya: Sacred Walkabout Glastonbury, CT. 9.6.17 Conn. River and Resevoir We get the grace and love every day in every way...through choice.  How we choose to be active, how we choose to respond to that which is within us and that which guides us...With each breath, each step, each expression in this life … Continue reading You Choose How to Respond…What is being Responsible?