Water is Life

Sunrise at Forestdance 2016 Tolland, Ct.I find myself in wonder with the turning of the seasons… The seasons of our lives on this world. A water world with intricate formations of land mass. Today our sweet mother, the earth, needs our love and prayers for her well being. Prayers for the children of the earth to awaken and live our highest potential…prayers and action to change how we are treating Her body and our own. My waters, your waters, our waters…are the same as the earth’s. When ones polluted, we All are polluted… There is less than 3% sweet water, fresh water on the entire earth… This is the largest substance that makes up our bodies. We live in a time where we are called to awaken and honor our connection with All Our Relations Sunset Tolland CtBig gratitude for the running water in our lives. The convenience of turning on a faucet, of flushing toilets without having to carry it in from miles away. Our water, food sources and land has been continuously poisoned and plundered of its nutrients So too have we. Life is water, clean water that is not riddled with underground oil pipelines, poisoning the land and water. Crops sprayed with glyphosate poison, is now found in farm raised fish, livestock and humans, spreading at an alarming rate. Now, more than ever our people have a common goal as children of this good earth… We can makes changes for a sustainable future if we look around and understand what is happening,  get informed and work together as communities. We can divest from the giant institutions and invest in community and our homeworld. A wonderful being said to me, ” you can’t change what you don’t notice”.  As I become more involved with what is happening with my local water sources and those across the Lands, like the Standing Rock Sioux Nation, my prayers and actions are for supporting, permaculture, sustainable local food growers and water protectors… among many other creative efforts to protect life now and for future generations. Divesting from big banks, plastic/petroleum consumption that support such injustice to our world is a great beginning, as we work and pray, awakened and living our highest potential one person at a time…like drops of water, one drop at a time can we fill our cups and nourish ourselves, each other and our Mother Earth…Water is life. Bless.Morning Mist, Forestdance Ct.2016


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