You Choose How to Respond…What is being Responsible?

20170905_183813photo by areeya: Sacred Walkabout Glastonbury, CT. 9.6.17 Conn. River and Resevoir

We get the grace and love every day in every way…through choice.  How we choose to be active, how we choose to respond to that which is within us and that which guides us…With each breath, each step, each expression in this life we are gifted with such beauty…….humankind still responds, more often than not, with carnage. Anger, Hate, Sadness, Jealousy, Greed… What in the two legged species is still so prevalent from our lineage, our time thus far in these bodies, our choices, that even with intentions of love, we choose to learn through taking life…? What is life, what is thought, what is love without thoughtfulness and consideration? What is compassion without accountability?

20170909_191300Photo by areeya:  Tolland, Mass. Whispering Pines ( what word/s can be utilized other than Massacre ?) 9.9.17

Bless the wisdom and communication of the heart of truth, the dance between compassionate wisdom and wrathful wisdom…  growing and knowing into this understanding of warmheartedness.  Bless the sweetness of our viscous depths and nourishment within the root of ourselves at one with our planet and all our relations…. inspired warmth and vision, the crown of highest potential… as we develop into a compassionate loving people. One Tribe of the earth, our mother.  Breathing as one, through the heart… One heartbeat, one breath…20170908_112911 Photo by areeya: Leverett Mass, Longhill Rd 9.917. ALL-Heal with Daddy Longleg Blessings

May our body, speech and mind know nourishment and growth for the best good. May our intentions consider all our relations as we as a people grow to know…it takes a village…

20170908_095622Photo by areeya: Leverett, Mass. Longhill Rd. Front Yard Flora Bliss

May all beings know peace and be free from all suffering for the benefit of all mother sentient beings, bless.

20170908_102630Photo by areeya: Leverett, Mass. Longhill Rd. 9.9.17 Sanctuary under the Apple Tree


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