Earthsong Mojave 2018

Earthsong was born from the idea that how we gather is a part of the earth’s complete language, its song… Giving thanks with deep and potent intent for the best good, enriching and evolving our communication and interaction with nature.  It has grown from a ceremony to an event in 5yrs.  In gratitude for this earth, We the people, a desert community made up of several sacred arts studies… working…. playing and praying together in thanks to the sweet waters that sustain us. In thanks to this beautyfull earth, with her deserts, mountains, forests, jungles…  So much wonder living together, how do we nourish and sustain our environment, inside and out? How do we appreciate and connect with the earth, each other, our selves??? My opinion? It starts with infinite gratitude. for all beings, ourselves and sweet mama tierra…  Continually giving thanks in all we do, rippling out from the hearts wellspring to nourish and sustain all. Yes. Yes. Yes. AND get outside! Spend time in desert nature. Try some cool hands on projects with the land, plant discovery walks, hydro-geology discussion, water ceremony and more…

Earthsong 2018, Sekhmet Temple,Cactus Springs NVSacred Spring Love, photo by Rae Du Soleil, Cactus Springs, NV. Goddess Temple of Sprituality Dedicated to Sekhmet

earthsong current flyer

What a great event! We had such an awesome time. A sweet band of campers, eating, sharing experience and learning a bit of village building through various temple and event projects. 1001 thank you’s to all involved from preparation to participation. Infinite Gratitude and Blessings! More coming soon on Earthsong 2019!!!


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