Earthsong 2019

Earthsong, what is it? Here is a refresher, I will be posting monthly on the events here in the mojave desert and abroad, again, after a year being static, phew!


  1. a song birthed at Selva Armonia, Uvita, Costa Rica, in prayer with biriba fruit seeds destined to be participant tokens in a sweet experience called Forestdance in 2013- see for more info about FD.
  2. Compassionate sustainable living interdependently with Nature.
  3. An annual celebration of the elements embodied and emitted through sacred sound, movement and nature…, drum, song and infinite incarnations of the expressive arts that honor the Earth, an autonomous complex being that nurtures, sustains and recycles life… celebrating coexistence, within and around, this sanctuary of the earth’s flesh and bone… breathing Her Breath… symbiosis…. Several mystery schools of the neon mandala and abroad, gather yearly in gratitude honoring our song together, creating a wave of gratitude felt within and around this worlds entire body… Honoring sacred waters brought from many springs, river, streams and oceans….. from many locales. Cascadia, the CT river, the eastern US trails, mojave desert springs…. with more locales to come and share…
  4. A more thorough documentation of the 6th annual Earthsong (2019) is percolating… Infinite blessings and love.


Earthsong 2019 ReeDashi in Memory

Earthsong 2019 ReeDashi in Memory


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