Passing of Lineages…

I think to myself, “what is happening here?”.  Visiting my dear friend, once again, in the hospital.  I listen to our grandmother’s stories as her body grows weaker.  I reMember so many stories past, so many shining moments… I feel closer to her than ever before. I feel her leaving… I feel her staying in new ways. As grandmother dies I feel so much of her depart, and feel some of her stay, ancestral passing of many teachings… In my mind, in my heart. Grandmother still speaks to me in so many ways. 1001 Thank You’s, Jaque Earil Wilson… For your love, your time, your courageous caring… Thank you for being my friend, sister priestess, kind grandmother.  Thank you for sharing all you could to ensure I live a more full life. Thank you for watching after me always. I carry your tools of spirit, your love and teachings through the heart waters for the greatest good. I reMember…For All our relations….

Front center: J Earil Wilson, born on a mystical day of her invention, died July 3 2015


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