The Art of Now…


Sunset, Cactus Springs, NV. Photo by Areeya

What a wonder… Rainbow Spiral in full effect…

I am surrounded by love and light, creating joy and happiness with wonder… Wonder at the songs, the plants, trees and earthy creatures share toGather… What is the song the world sings around you right now…? In the city, through the mountains, along the streams…stop for a moment, listen and breathe in the moment of now… Spring moved to summer in the northern places…fall to winter in the southern places. Amidst the reTurning of our homeworld, reTurning our relations, ideas, communications, inspirations and exaltations, as a people living and learning together… Many wondrous unique petals of the flower of life…

Around and within, the tumult of daily transformations and evolution, I am GreatFuLL to experience the songs of the desert, the sweet waters, the birds, the dogs, the trees, the grasses and boulevards… Here, In the art of now…

June 2015, mural in progress, Blue Sky Yoga, The Arts Factory, Las Vegas, NV.  By Areeya


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