The Wonder of Now

On this day, I wonder at the transitions of myself, others and our precious world. I feel a vast transmutation amidst the body, heart, mind and spirit, as we awaken into a more bountiful way of living for All. Our earth, our mother honored and held sacred. Thank you for this time, here and now. Walking with the breath of our ancestors in conscious connection with the stars, breathing as One through the heart. Navigating our communication with enhanced sensory awakening feels delicate and powerful at once. I am greatFuLL for a time of inward reflection to nurture my self growth, others and out mother earth…. Aware that thought creates… Creating in a good way. Blessings as we tend, nourish and care for our sacred lives, here in the Now…

Union...honoring space between us nourishes our unions...
Union…honoring space between us nourishes our unions…

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