EarthSong: Celebration from the Heart Of the Sun

Madre del Mundo by Marcia Gomez
Madre Del Mundo, Temple of Goddess Spirituality Dedicated to Sekhmet, Cactus Springs, NV. Photo by Areeya

One heart

We came together, united in purpose…..Grandfather star, traveled across the lands to prepare with the root mama. Sustaining each other, amidst a turbulent desert, to make a sacred space. Through storms of rain, wind and cold we came to prepare the goddess temple for celebration as humans reintegrating into full sensory highest vision..We prayed, smudged and created our altars, knowing over 40 people journeyed through a storm and arrived to clear skies together…

We came together of fire tribes and Native C.R. Bird, Black with Red Breast. photo by Areeyamoon circles, goddess culture and temple culture. Calling in the elements, embodiment through sacred arts of song, dance, and music…honoring the roots of ourselves, our ancestors, the plants…honoring Sol, the active here and now. Honoring the starseed, cosmic dust, heart souls sweet Union within the body. We honored our dedication to walking with love, nourishing and sustaining life’s cycles for the highest good. What a beautyFuLL ceremony integrating in a new wave…Sacred space where a sweet faery goddess baby of 4 yrs 3/4 of age, blessed everyone with Quartz seeds sealing the shift… Blessed by the child… Future self and worlds…unified from root to crown as one people… Earth people… Reintegrating the senses, guided by the living cords of love that is our best selves. Working diligently to keep pace through re-languaging, ceremony and communication becoming more empathic and rounder… I kiss my forehead to sweet mothers earth, giving thanks, remembering this story, these mysteries, our story.

fruicion mandalas
Fruicion mandalas, photo by Areeya, Fruition Center, Perez Zeledon, Costa Rica.

Remembering it is the ceremonies we create and emit every moment, and sharing these rites which keeps me connected to my process and others,the earth. Knowing we are connected to the earth and her senses, our senses. In my story, I have noted massive acceleration within sight and breath connection. I feel strongly present in the now…. Her sight I call Oracle for the feeling of being a pin prick from which she is looking. I feel Oracle allows farsight… Keeps the body heart mind slightly detached, cooling the massive shifts within continual reworlding…floating with heart waters of consciousness… As we breath, see, Be ourselves through new awareness, what are the accelerations and connections in sensory growth do you feel? What communication deepening is happening in the body, heart, mind, spirit process? Now in this season, blessings as we honor the union within and around, here and now…

Rev. Areeya Marie Sharpe

Desert Moon Circle


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