EarthSong: Celebration from the Heart Of the Sun

We came together, united in purpose.....Grandfather star, traveled across the lands to prepare with the root mama. Sustaining each other, amidst a turbulent desert, to make a sacred space. Through storms of rain, wind and cold we came to prepare the goddess temple for celebration as humans reintegrating into full sensory highest vision..We prayed, smudged … Continue reading EarthSong: Celebration from the Heart Of the Sun


The Dance of Now

I am thankFuLL, for the many practices,  patterns and meditations being lived everyday, around this world.  Precious Earth... The Arts of Sanctuary can be found in many of these practices around the world.  Cradled in the personal rites we create, honor and practice each day. Singing our earthsong. How do we live, as children of … Continue reading The Dance of Now